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Number 11, Coe,  Jonathan
Number 11
Jonathan Coe

Paperback / softback $19.99 - Penguin Books Ltd
Fiction - Published: 18/Jul/2016 - ISBN: 9780241967010

Childhood friends Rachel and Alison are about to go on a journey into the strange, surreal heart of Britain in the early years of our new century. Helplessly swept along on tides they can no more understand than control, Rachel and Alison discover a nation disillusioned by reality yet obsessed with reality TV. They encounter morally bankrupt bankers and people queuing at food banks. And at the centre of this new state of things they find an old family who will do anything to ensure that the country is run for their benefit. 'A baroquely plotted, heart-on-its-sleeve, state-of-the-nation satire, an angry and exuberant book.' Sunday Times 'Intricately plotted, lavish, bulging with comedic riches, richly enjoyable, thought-provoking.' Financial Times 'A savage, tender-hearted and crazily enjoyable portrait of 21st-century Britain, which may as well have been superglued to my hands for all that I was able to put it down.' Rachel Cooke, Observer, Books of the Year 'The satire is Swiftian. You can't stop reading. I was haunted for days.' Independent 'Raucous and ridiculous fun . . . Affirms Coe's reputation as the best English satirical novelist of our times.' Spectator

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