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Book Of Extraordinary Deaths, Ruiz,  Cecilia
Book Of Extraordinary Deaths
Cecilia Ruiz

Hardback $27.99 - Penguin Putnam Inc
Display & Gift Books - Published: 5/Feb/2019 - ISBN: 9780399184048

A welcome dose of dark humor for these dark times, The Book of Extraordinary Deaths introduces readers to the bizarre demises of thinkers, writers, monarchs, artists, and notable nobodies throughout history. Beginning in the fifth century BC with the morbidly unusual death of Aeschylus and journeying chronologically to identical twins-who died on the same day-in the present day, readers will learn of people they may or may not have ever heard of, but will forever remember for their memorable final moments. With Ruiz's sharply witty descriptions and compellingly beautiful illustrations, her characters come to life on the page even as they reach their demises. If you are unfamiliar with the Dancing Plague of Strasbourg, the strange duel that claimed balloonist Monsieur de Pique's life, or the fatal wardrobe malfunction of famed dancer Isadora Duncan, then you are in for a treat.Some extraordinary deaths include-- Milo of Croton (458 BC), a Greek wrestler whose last fight was against nature.- Sir Arthur Aston (1649), a royalist commander who, during the Siege of Drogheda, was beaten to death with his own wooden leg.- Jean-Baptiste Lully (1687), a music composer who died of a gangrenous abscess after piercing his foot with a staff while vigorously conducting.- Alan Stacey (1960), a Formula One driver, who died in a car crash during the Belgian Grand Prix when a bird flew into his face.

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