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Iliac Crest, Rivera-garza,  Cristina,   Booker,  Sarah
Iliac Crest
Cristina Rivera-garza, Sarah Booker

Paperback / softback $23.99 - And Other Stories
Fiction - Published: 5/Jun/2018 - ISBN: 9781911508267

On a dark and stormy night, an unnamed narrator is visited by two women: one a former lover, the other a stranger. They ruthlessly question their host and claim to know his greatest secret: that he is, in fact, a woman. In increasingly desperate attempts to defend his masculinity, perplexed by the stranger's dubious claims to be the writer Amparo Davila, he finds himself spiralling deeper into a haunted past that may or may not be his own. This surreal novel enfolds a masterful exploration of gender in taut, atmospheric mystery.

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  • Iliac Crest Paperback / softback $23.99