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Stairway to Paradise: Text Classics, John,  Madeleine St
Stairway to Paradise: Text Classics
Madeleine St John

Paperback $12.95 - The Text Publishing Company
Fiction - Published: 1/Oct/2018 - ISBN: 9781925773095

Alex and Andrew are friends. And Barbara ... Barbara is a goddess. Here is the eternal triangle, the story of three people in an unhappy tangle of emotions, none able to articulate the precise quality of their longing and dissatisfaction.

Are any of them truly interested in reaching the 'paradise' they claim to be seeking, or are they actually trying to avoid it?

In St. John's hands, what is commonplace is transformed and transcendent. This is the work of an extraordinary writer. Authors Bio, not available From the author of the bestselling Women in Black, an extraordinary novel about ordinary people

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