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Boy Swallows Universe, Dalton,  Trent
Boy Swallows Universe
Trent Dalton

Paperback $32.99 - HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
Fiction - Published: 18/Jun/2018 - ISBN: 9781460753897

A novel of love, crime, magic, fate and coming of age, set in Brisbane's violent working class suburban fringe. A lost father, a mute brother, a mum in jail, a heroin dealer for a stepfather and a notorious crim for a babysitter. Eli's is trying to follow his heart, learning what it takes to be a good man as life keeps throwing obstacles in the way. But Eli's life is about to get a whole lot more serious. He's about to fall in love – and break into Boggo Road Gaol on Christmas Day, to save his mum. A story of brotherhood, love and true friendship.

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