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The Melody, Crace,  Jim
The Melody
Jim Crace

Paperback $32.99 - Pan Macmillan UK
Fiction - Published: 13/Feb/2018 - ISBN: 9781509841370

Alfred Busi, famed and beloved in his town for his music and songs, is now in his sixties, mourning the recent death of his wife and quietly living out his days alone in the large villa he has always called home. One night Busi is attacked by a creature he i is convinced was no animal, but a child, ‘innocent and wild’, and his words fan the flames of old rumour – of an ancient race of people living in the bosk surrounding the town. Crace's new novel is about grief and ageing, about reputation and the loss of it, about love and music and the peculiar way myth seeps into real life. And it is a political novel – a rallying cry to protect those we persecute.

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