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Linden Tree, Aira,  Cesar (new Directions)
Linden Tree
Cesar (new Directions) Aira

Paperback $28.00 - New Directions Publishing Corporation
Fiction - Published: 24/Apr/2018 - ISBN: 9780811219082

The Linden Tree was written in 2003. In it the narrator, who could be Aira himself (born the same year, in the same place, a writer who is now also living PBK in Buenos Aires) revisits down his childhood memories. Beginning with an enigmatically beautiful black father who gathered linden flowers to make a sleep-inducing tea, and continuing on to an irrational and physically deformed mother of European descent, the narrator also catalogs his best childhood friends and the many gossiping neighbors. Aira creates a colorful mosaic of an epoch in Argentina when the poor, under the guiding hand of Eva Pero'n, aspired to a newfound middle class. Moving from anecdote to anecdote, alternating between the touching, amusing, and sometimes surreal, we are comforted by the fact that for Aira "everything is allegory." This is a charming novella-evocative, reflexive, amusing, intelligent-that invites the reader to look further into Aira's great body of work.

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  • Linden Tree Paperback $28.00