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Of Orcas and Men, Neiwert,  David
Of Orcas and Men
David Neiwert

Paperback $19.99 - Bloomsbury
Natural History & Environment - Published: 1/Dec/2017 - ISBN: 9780715652213

The orca is one of earth 's most intelligent animals. Remarkably sophisticated, they have languages and cultures and even long-term memories. Their capacity for echolocation is nothing short of a sixth sense. Despite their label as killer whales ' they are often benign and gentle, which makes the story of the captive-orca industry and the endangerment of their population around the world that much more tragic. In Of Orcas and Men, David Neiwert provides a compelling mix of cultural history, environmental reporting and scientific research on a majestic species. He explores the sometimes fraught relationship between this extraordinary animal and human beings, both in the wild and in captivity. David Neiwert 's book is a triumph of reporting, observation and research, and a powerful tribute to one of the animal kingdom 's most remarkable members. David Neiwert is an award-winning investigative journalist. His reporting on domestic terrorism in the US won the National Press Club Award for Distinguished Online Journalism in 2000 and he has written two acclaimed books on the topic of American right-wing extremism, And Hell Followed With Her- Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border and The Eliminationists. The orca whale is one of earth's most intelligent animals, but we actually know very little about them

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