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Border Districts, Murnane,  Gerald
Border Districts
Gerald Murnane

Paperback $24.95 - Giramondo Publishing
Fiction - Published: 1/Nov/2017 - ISBN: 9781925336542

In a mirror of Murnane's own move from city to country, the narrator of Border Districts moves from capital city to remote town in the border district where he intends to spend the rest of his life. It is a time for exploring the enduring elements of his experience, as these exist in his mind, images whose persistence is assured, but whose significance needs to be rediscovered. Murnane’s images often draw their power from the light that falls upon them from a distant or mysterious source. But he also considers the possibility that the mind casts its own light, imbuing the images in the observer’s mind with the colours of his soul. As Murnane’s narrator declares, ‘the mind is a place best viewed from borderlands`.

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