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Tinkering, Wilson,  Katherine
Katherine Wilson

Paperback $29.95 - Monash University Publishing
Australian Non Fiction - Published: 1/Oct/2017 - ISBN: 9781925495478

At a time when the labour-market is failing as a source of security and identity for many, domestic tinkering is emerging as a legitimate occupation in a way we have not seen since pre-industrial times. In Australia, practices of repair, invention, building, improvising, and crafting, that take place in sheds, back-yards, paddocks, kitchens, and home-workshops, are becoming an important part of the informal economy. Building on the work of historians, sociologists, psychologists, and economists, Katherine Wilson documents domestic tinkering as an undervalued form of material creativity, social connection, psychological sanctuary, personal identity, and even political activism.

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  • Tinkering Paperback $29.95