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Living Infinite, Acevedo,  Chantel
Living Infinite
Chantel Acevedo

Paperback $29.99 - Europa Editions
Fiction - Published: 18/Sep/2017 - ISBN: 9781609454302

Inspired by the true story of a Spanish princess, an outspoken firebrand at the Bourbon court during the troubled final years of her family's reign. Eulalia accepts a role as emissary in the New World. In the company of Tomas Aragon, the son of her one-time wet nurse, and a small-town bookseller with a thirst for adventure, she travels first to a Cuba bubbling with revolution then on to the 1893 Chicago World Fair. Publicly, she is there as a representative of the Bourbon dynasty, privately, she is in America to find a publisher for her autobiography.

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