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Museum of Words: A Memoir of Language, Writing, and Mortality, Blain,  Georgia
Museum of Words: A Memoir of Language, Writing, and Mortality
Georgia Blain

Hardback $29.99 - Scribe Publications
Writing,Language & Reference - Published: 28/Aug/2017 - ISBN: 9781925322255

In late 2015, Georgia Blain was diagnosed with a tumour in the language centre of her brain, she immediately turned to writing to rebuild her language and herself. At the same time, her mother, Anne Deveson,who had Alzheimer's moved into a nursing home; weeks earlier, her best friend and mentor had been diagnosed with the same brain tumour. All three of them are writers, with language at the core of their being. The Museum of Words is a meditation on writing, reading, first words and last words. This idiosyncratic and deeply personal memoir is a writer's take on how language shapes us, and the luxury we have in taking it for granted until we are in danger of losing it.

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