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The Choke, Laguna,  Sofie
The Choke
Sofie Laguna

Paperback $32.99 - Allen & Unwin
Fiction - Published: 23/Aug/2017 - ISBN: 9781760297244

Abandoned by her mother and only occasionally visited by her secretive father, Justine is raised by her pop, a man tormented by visions of the Burma Railway. Justine finds sanctuary in Pop's chooks and The Choke, where the banks of the Murray River are so narrow it seems they might touch. But the river can't protect Justine from danger, as a silent observer of her chaotic world she learns that she has to find ways to survive so much neglect and ultimately she must fight back. The Choke is a brilliant, haunting novel about a child navigating an often dark and uncaring world of male power and violence, in which grown-ups can't be trusted and comfort can only be found in nature.

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