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Show: another side of Santamaria's Movement, Aarons,  Mark
Show: another side of Santamaria's Movement
Mark Aarons

Paperback $32.99 - Scribe Publications
Australian Non Fiction - Published: 31/Jul/2017 - ISBN: 9781925322316

In late 1942, on the recommendation of 26-year-old Bob Santamaria, Australia's Catholic bishops took the first steps in creating a clandestine church organisation to smash the Communist Party's massive trade union base. Before long, The Movement, as it was known, developed into a sophisticated intelligence agency. Santamaria based his Movement (also called The Show) completely on the Communist Party, copying its spectacularly successful union-organising machinery. Drawn from previously secret archives of both The Movement and the Communist Party, ASIO's massive files, and extensive oral history interviews, The Show exposes a previously unseen side of Santamaria's Catholic Movement.

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