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The Russian Revolution, Mcmeekin,  Sean
The Russian Revolution
Sean Mcmeekin

Hardback $49.99 - Profile Books
History - Published: 28/Jun/2017 - ISBN: 9781781259023

At the turn of the century, the Russian economy was growing and its population had reached 150 million. By 1920 the country was in desperate financial straits and more than 20 million Russians had died. And by 1950, a third of the globe had embraced Communism. How did the Bolsheviks win power and then cling to it amid the chaos they had created? Analysing never-before used files from the Tsarist military archives, McMeekin argues that the revolutionaries were aided at every step by those countries; Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland who sought to benefit - politically and economically - from the changes overtaking the country.

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