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In the Skin of a Lion, Ondaatje,  Michael
In the Skin of a Lion
Michael Ondaatje

Paperback $19.99 - Pan Macmillan UK
Fiction - Published: 30/May/2017 - ISBN: 9781509823345

Booker Prize-winning novelist Michael Ondaatje is the author of many collections of poetry and several books of fiction, including <i>In the Skin of a Lion </i>and<i> The English Patient</i>. He and his wife live in Toronto. From the Booker Prize-winning author comes the sparkling and lyrical predecessor to the bestselling <i>The English Patient.</i> <b>With an introduction by Anne Enright
<i>Before the real city could be seen it had to be imagined, the way rumours and tall tales were a kind of charting.
It is the 1920s, and Patrick Lewis has arrived in the bustling city of Toronto, leaving behind his Canadian wilderness home. Immersed in the lives of the people who surround him – the immigrants building the city, as well as those who dreamed it into being – Patrick begins to learn, from their stories, the history of the city itself. And he has his own adventures: searching for a missing millionaire, tunnelling beneath Lake Ontario, falling in love.

<i>In the Skin of a Lion</i> is Michael Ondaatje's sparkling predecessor to his Booker Prize-winning <i>The English Patient</i>. Here we encounter Hana the orphaned girl and Caravaggio the thief for the first time, as well as a large cast of other characters, all lovingly and intimately portrayed. Exquisite and musical, <i>In the Skin of a Lion</i> is a novel that challenges the boundary between history and myth. It is a stunning modern classic.

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