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At The Existentialist Cafe, Bakewell,  Sarah
At The Existentialist Cafe
Sarah Bakewell

Paperback $24.99 - RANDOM HOUSE UK
Philosophy, Politics & Current Affairs - Published: 27/Feb/2017 - ISBN: 9780099554882

Paris, near the turn of 1933. Three young friends meet over cocktails on rue Montparnasse. They are Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and their friend Raymond Aron, who opens their eyes to a radical new way of thinking. Existentialism is formed as a philosophy of real, experienced life - of love and desire, of freedom and being, of cafes and waiters, of friendships and revolutionary fervour - a philosophy of the times that influenced post-war liberation movements, from the student uprisings of 1968 to civil rights pioneers. At the Existentialist Cafe tells the story of modern existentialism as one of passionate encounters between people, minds and ideas. 

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