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Card: A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns The, Bennett,  Arnold
Card: A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns The
Arnold Bennett

Paperback $22.99 - Penguin UK
Fiction - Published: 19/Sep/2016 - ISBN: 9780241255544

"What a card! . . . He's a rare 'un, no mistake' Chancer, flirt, wheeler and dealer, Denry Machin knows he is destined for fame. He dances, pleads and cheats his way up the social ladder from washer-woman's son to Mayor, in a series of ludicrous yet surprisingly effective schemes that evoke a long-gone world of civic balls, seaside excursions, newspaper boys and patent chocolate remedies. Set in Arnold Bennett's smoky, vividly-realized world of the 'Five Towns' of industrial England, The Card is the joyful tall story of a rogue whose every bad deed turns to gold." "Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) was one of the most versatile, ambitious and successful British novelists of the early 20th century. His novels and short stories both celebrate and deplore a rapidly changing Britain. Much of his greatest work is set where he grew up, in the Potteries of the West Midlands. Inspired by Zola and Maupassant, he realized that this world of brutal industrial work and rapid social change, religious severity and material temptation, was the perfect backdrop for everything from comedy to tragedy. He died of typhoid."

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