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Granta 136, Rausing,  Sigrid
Granta 136
Sigrid Rausing

Paperback $24.99 - Granta
Anthologies, Essays & Journals - Published: 1/Aug/2016 - ISBN: 9781905881970

What leads us to accept a particular belief, credo or fact? What's the difference between conviction, groupthink and madness? This issue of Granta looks at cults, faiths and ideologies, and asks how they turn us into followers...Miriam Toews on shunning, pacifism and her youth in a strict Mennonite community; Matilda Gustavsson on teenage Christian groups, faith healing and speaking in tongues; Andrea Stuart on the feminist porn industry; Shalom Auslander on Orthodox Judaism; and Roberto Saviano on hiding out from the Italian mafia - and many more.

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