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Marrow: Penguin Specials, Lianke,  Yan
Marrow: Penguin Specials
Yan Lianke

Paperback $9.99 - Penguin China
Fiction - Published: 14/Dec/2015 - ISBN: 9780734399618

Marrow slowly unfolds as a tale of grotesque cannibalism in a small village in the Balou Mountains of China's Henan Province. In the story, a mother takes extreme measures to provide her four mentally disabled children with a normal life. She feeds them a medicinal soup made from the bones of her dead husband when she finds out that bones 'the closer from kin the better' can cure their illness. When she runs out of her husband's bones, she resorts to a measure that only a mother can take.

Translated from the Chinese by Carlos Rojas

Yan Lianke has been called a 'master of imaginative satire' and named 'one of China's most successful fiction writers' by the New York Times. His satirical stories with often sensitive subjects have led to the banning of some of his works, including his novellaServe the People and the novel Dream of Ding Village. Yan's surrealist writing oscillates between military themes and the Chinese countryside, which lend the often absurdly miserable living conditions of rural life an equally surreal setting.

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