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Between a Wolf and a Dog, Blain,  Georgia
Between a Wolf and a Dog
Georgia Blain

Paperback $29.99 - Scribe Publications
Fiction - Published: 28/Mar/2016 - ISBN: 9781925321111

Ester is a family therapist with an appointment book that catalogues the anxieties of the middle class: loneliness, relationships, death. She spends her days helping others find happiness, but her own relationships are frayed, she is estranged from both her sister, April, and her ex-husband, Lawrence. Meanwhile, April is struggling through her own directionless life; Lawrence's reckless past decisions are catching up with him; and Ester and April's mother, Hilary, is coming to terms with her old age. Taking place largely over one rainy day in Sydney, Blain renders our capacity to live in the face of ordinary sorrows in a powerful and compassionate novel that pays tribute to the beauty of being alive.

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