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Art and Social Change, Dust : A Case Study, Jackson,  Donna
Art and Social Change, Dust : A Case Study
Donna Jackson

$44.00 -
Plays, Theatre & Dance - Published: 2/Dec/2015 - ISBN: 9780994310606

This book documents the genesis of the idea and the creative collaborations that led to seven successful seasons of the music theatre production Dust, from 2008 to 2013. At its core, Dust is a show about the endurance, integrity and courage shown by those with asbestos-related diseases.You can read this book from cover to cover or explore sections of it.The Journey to Dust contains articles on the inspiration and influences used to create the style and content of the work. The method used to develop and structure it is also presented. Collaborating to Create Dust contains articles from eight colleagues who discuss the way they work and/or their experience on the project. The Impact of Dust features articles from Lindy Allen, the evaluator of the last two seasons of Dust. She discusses her framework and the processes she used to prove that Dust did create social change.Dust the Project contains the script of the theatre show. Dust Resources comprises a recording of the songs by Mark Seymour and a copy of the half-hour ABC documentary Making Dust by Malcolm McKinnon. Here you will also find the song scores, the concert version of the show, lesson plans, and a bibliography.

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