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A Day in the Life of Rowland S Howard
Peter Milne

$55.00 -
Photography - Published: - ISBN: 9780992430276

In 1977 Peter Milne was 17 and the legendary Australian guitarist Rowland S Howard was 18. For several months they collaborated together on a number of photo sessions. Although many of the images taken in that period were lost or damaged, a number of remarkable photographs have survived and have been drawn together to form this book. Peter Milne writes in the introduction to the book: “I took up photography around this time and we began a busy period of experimental photo sessions during which I was learning to how to use cameras while Rowland was learning how to pose for them...The work is a patchy, scratched up document that shows visible signs of age and neglect but perhaps this is the one absolute inevitability of history and memory... it’s always going to be fragmentary.

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