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Reader for Hire, Jean,  Raymond,   Hunter,  Adriana
Reader for Hire
Raymond Jean, Adriana Hunter

Paperback $35.95 - Peirene Press Ltd
Fiction - Published: 15/Jun/2015 - ISBN: 9781908670229

Marie-Constance loves reading and possesses a beautiful voice. So, one day she decides to put an ad in the local paper offering her services as a paid reader. Her first client, a paralysed teenager, is transformed by her reading of a Maupassant short story. Marie-Constance's fame spreads and soon the rich, the creative and the famous clamour for her services. 'The premise of the story is brilliant - a woman who loves reading aloud acquires - without realizing - power over others. What's true for her clients become real for you, the reader of this book. As you turn the pages, think of Marie-Constance as the personification of 'reading' itself. And I promise you an experience you will never forget.' Meike Ziervogel, Publisher

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  • Reader for Hire Paperback $35.95