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On Brunswick Ground, De Saint Phalle,  Catherine
On Brunswick Ground
Catherine De Saint Phalle

Paperback $27.99 - Transit Lounge
Fiction - Published: 1/Jul/2015 - ISBN: 9781921924873

fresh and sparkling book that strikes deep notes as it flows along.’ Helen

‘Like the suburb it depicts, On Brunswick Ground teems with lives at once familiar and strange, all beautifully lit by the glint and warmth of Saint Phalle’s prose. Shadowed by local tragedy, we come to care for these characters as much as they care for each other; with wry humour and in unexpected ways.’ Roger Averill

the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, a female narrator, who remains unnamed is
trying to come to terms with the absence of Jack, the man she loves. In a bar
she meets Bernice, a radio personality, in her late thirties and flirting with
IVF. Finding a job as a gardener, she discovers that her co-worker, Mitali, has
an unresolved mourning that attracts other deaths into its orbit. Later on, she
befriends the resolutely mysterious bar owner, Sarah, and her daughter, Mary,
who has, for potent (and as yet unrevealed) reasons, converted to Islam and
donned a burqa.

lives of these women are characterised by love and loss, and are woven together
by their shared grieving at the senseless murder of Jill Meagher.

Brunswick Ground
traverses the world of longing, grief
and personal loss with an assured and literary touch. It is a novel that is
also heart-warming, and affirming. Catherine de Saint Phalle truly understands
the surprising ways in which tragedy and loss can tighten the bonds of
friendship and of a community.

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