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Decoded: A Novel, Jia,  Mai
Decoded: A Novel
Mai Jia

Paperback $24.99 - Penguin UK
Fiction - Published: 24/Jun/2015 - ISBN: 9780141391489

'One genius trying to work out what another genius has done - it results in the most appalling carnage . . . '

The world only makes sense to Rong Jinzhen through numbers. As an orphaned child he counts the ants on the ground and writes calculations on wrapping paper. But as this fragile, isolated boy grows up, his mathematical genius is recognized by the secret services. Recruited as a codebreaker to crack the notorious 'Purple' cipher, he begins to unravel . . .

'Powerful, an entirely original work - a mix of spy thriller, historical saga and mathematical puzzle.' David Evans, Financial Times

'Dreamy, surreal and unexpected . . . possesses an aesthetic of its own, a world in which the characters feel constantly teetering on the edge of obsession.' Tash Aw, Daily Telegraph

'Superb, utterly fascinating.' Edward Wilson, Independent

'Truly a page turner - gripping plot, otherworldly aura and flamboyant detail.' Perry Link, The New York Times Book Review

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