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June, Bakker,  Gerbrand
Gerbrand Bakker

Paperback $27.99 - Scribe Publications
Fiction - Published: 24/Jun/2015 - ISBN: 9781925106794

On a hot summer's day in June 1969, everyone is gathered to welcome Queen Juliana. Just as the monarch is getting into her car to leave, little Hanne Kaan and her mother arrive late - the Queen strokes the little girl's cheek and regally offers Anna Kaan her hand.. That same day Hanne is knocked down by a car and killed. Years later, Jan Kaan arrives on a hot day in June in order to tidy his sister's grave, and is overcome again with grief and silent fury. Isn't it finally time to get to the bottom of things? June traces in tender detail how the ripples from one tragic incident spread through a community, a family and down the generations.

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  • June Paperback $27.99