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Sophie and the Sibyl, Duncker,  Patricia
Sophie and the Sibyl
Patricia Duncker

Paperback $29.99 - Bloomsbury
Fiction - Published: 1/Jun/2015 - ISBN: 9781408860533

In Berlin, Max Duncker and his brother, Wolfgang, own a thriving publishing business, which owes its success to one woman: 'The Sibyl', or George Eliot, whose final installment of the bestselling serial Middlemarch is in the process of being written. Max is as fond of gambling and brothels as Wolfgang is of making a profit and berating his spendthrift brother, but Max is given a chance to prove his worth by visiting the Sibyl to finalise the publishing rights to her new novel. Wolfgang also has an ulterior motive for Max's visit; he wants his brother to consider the beautiful eighteen-year-old Sophie von Hahn as a potential wife. With its vivid portrayal of George Eliot and of the turbulent and surprising love story of Max and Sophie Duncker's novel is a compelling read.

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