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Tropic of Capricorn, Miller,  Henry
Tropic of Capricorn
Henry Miller

Paperback $19.99 - Penguin UK
Fiction - Published: 29/Jul/2015 - ISBN: 9780141399140

'It was the ideal street - for a boy, a lover, a maniac, a drunkard, a crook, a lecher, a thug'

In 1920s New York one Henry V. Miller, personnel manager of the Cosmodemonic Telegraph Co., spends his days hiring and firing a succession of wasters, maniacs, perverts, ex-cons, idiots and whores - while also writing the most important work of literature ever published and enjoying increasingly outrageous erotic exploits. Banned for thirty years, this riotous companion piece to Tropic of Cancer is a frank portrait of the Brooklyn of Miller's youth - its skyscrapers and sewers, its lusts and dejection - and a savage attack on America.

'American Literature begins and ends with the meaning of what Miller has done.' Lawrence Durrell

'His writing is flamboyant, torrential, chaotic, treacherous, and dangerous.' Anaïs Nin

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