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Nova Express, Burroughs,  William S
Nova Express
William S Burroughs

Paperback $22.99 - Penguin UK
Fiction - Published: 23/Jul/2014 - ISBN: 9780141396064

'Peoples of the earth, you have all been poisoned . . . I order total resistance directed against this conspiracy to pay off peoples of the earth in ersatz bullshit'

The diabolical Nova Criminals include the nightmarish characters of Sammy the Butcher, Iron Claws, Izzy the Push and the Brown Artist, and are poised to wreak untold destruction on the world with their new-found control. Only Inspector Lee of the Nova Police has any chance of stopping them, by dismantling the word and image machine before it's too late.

In a new, restored edition based on Burroughs' original manuscripts, Nova Express is part of his linguistically prophetic 'cut-up' trilogy - including The Soft Machine and The Ticket That Exploded - and a hilarious, Swiftian parody of bureaucracy and the frailty of the human animal.

Edited with an Introduction by Oliver Harris

'Burroughs' great fictions show his superb, hard-edged satirical visions of cancerous and addictive consumerism; his enormous fertility of ideas and imagery.' Will Self

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