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When Blackbirds Sing: Text Classics, Boyd Martin
When Blackbirds Sing: Text Classics
Boyd Martin

Paperback $12.95 - The Text Publishing Company
Fiction - Published: 23/Jul/2014 - ISBN: 9781922147998

At the outbreak of World War I, Dominic Langton leaves his wife on a remote sheep farm in New South Wales to enlist in the British Army. What he experiences in the trenches changes him forever; his return home sees him cast off his past and find his own integrity. He has seen the true nature of war - the senseless waste of life, the millions of young men condemned to pointless slaughter - and has emerged a wiser, but troubled, man.

When Blackbirds Sing is a masterful recreation of the vanished world of 1914, and a moving and powerful testament to the devastation of war. In this final instalment of Martin Boyd's celebrated Langton Quartet, Boyd confirms his reputation as one of the most outstanding novelists Australia has ever produced.

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