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Demons, Macauley,  Wayne
Wayne Macauley

Paperback $29.99 - The Text Publishing Company
Fiction - Published: 23/Jul/2014 - ISBN: 9781922147363

Let's go away for the weekend, said Megan, and leave our phones behind and turn off the computers and television and stop time because time is moving too fast and soon we'll all be saying where the hell did our lives go? It is the middle of winter. Seven friends travel to a beach house for the weekend, they sit around the fireplace, telling stories, each exposing the foibles of humankind - and something of themselves. As a storm rolls in and torrential rain cuts the party off from the outside world, it becomes clear that some secrets are best kept hidden. Macauley's latest novel explores the power of the stories that we tell to connect with each other and to make sense of our own lives.

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