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Blood and Bone, Wood,  Daniel Davis
Blood and Bone
Daniel Davis Wood

Paperback $14.95 - XOU Creative
Fiction - Published: 1/Jun/2014 - ISBN: 9781922057952

Winner of the 2014 Viva La Novella Prize

Blood and Bone is the tale of a man haunted by the violent truths of his ancestry. Through his attempt to document the remarkable childhood of his great-aunt Abigail, we are thrown into life at the Whangie, an austere outpost at the colonial frontier. 

With the death of her mother, eleven-year-old Abigail must learn to fend for herself against the cruel stewardship of her father. At war with the local Aboriginals and intent on staking his claim on the land at any cost, what occurs between the two is a stunning powerplay that exposes the limits of the human imagination. 

Blood and Bone is an uncompromising exploration of Australia’s dark history and its legacy today.

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  • Blood and Bone Paperback $14.95