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I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo
Esbaum Jill & Gordon Gus (illus)

Hardback $24.99 - Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
Fiction - Published: 28/May/2014 - ISBN: 9780670077106

Best-selling author, Jill Esbaum, and fantastic illustrator (author), Gus Gordon, team up for this funny and oddly reassuring rhyming romp about the brilliantly brave... Nadine the Cow.

Nadine is a 'truly remarkable cow' who is afraid of absolutely nothing; or so she claims. She's a bit of a show-off, really, and when her friends take her up on her offer of a tour through the woods, Nadine is in her element. Then night falls, and when her friends leave and Nadine is left to explore a dark cave all on her own, suddenly she doesn't feel quite to brave after all.

Jill Esbaum lives on a farm, on a dusty gravel road, where green walls of rustling corn surround the yard each summer. She and her husband raise corn, soybeans, and hundreds of pigs. A dozen cats hang around the back door each evening, waiting for her to slip out with leftovers (a dangerous time to go barefoot, she says!). Her favourite season is autumn, when she gets to drive a huge, complicated tractor through crackling fields to help with the harvest under a blue, blue sky. And every day she wakes up feeling blessed, knowing how lucky she is to spend part of each day doing what she loves, and loving what she does - writing for kids.

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