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Talking to Ourselves, Neuman,  Andres,   Neuman,  Andraes,   Caistor,  Nick (new Directions),   Garcia,  Lorenza
Talking to Ourselves
Neuman, Andres, Neuman, Andraes, Caistor, Nick (new Directions), Garcia, Lorenza

Hardback $33.00 - Farrar Straus Giroux
Fiction - Published: 8/Apr/2014 - ISBN: 9780374167530

A searing family drama from one of Latin America's most original voices One trip. Two love stories. Three voices.Lito is ten years old and is almost sure he can change the weather when he concentrates very hard. His father, Mario, anxious to create a memory that will last for his son's lifetime, takes him on a road trip in a truck called Pedro. But Lito doesn't know that this might be their last trip: Mario is gravely ill. Together, father and son embark on a journey takes them through strange geographies that seem to meld the different parts of the Spanish-speaking world. In the meantime, Lito's mother, Elena, restlessly seeks support in books, and soon undertakes an adventure of her own that will challenge her moral limits. Each narrative--of father, son, and mother--embodies one of the different ways that we talk to ourselves: through speech, through thought, and through writing. While neither of them dares to tell the complete truth to the other two, their individual voices nonetheless form a poignant conversation.Sooner or later, we all face loss. Andres Neuman movingly narrates the ways the lives of those who survive loss are transformed; how that experience changes our ideas about time, memory, and our own bodies; and how the acts of reading, and of sex, can serve as powerful modes of resistance. "Talking to Ourselves" presents a tender yet unsentimental portrait of the workings of love and family; a reflection both on grief and on the consolation of words. Neuman, the author of the award-winning "Traveler of the Century," displays his characteristic warmth, bittersweet humor, and wide-ranging intellect, giving us the rich, textured, and strikingly different voices and experiences of three singular characters while presenting, above all, a profound tribute to those who have ever had to care for a loved one.

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  • Talking to Ourselves Hardback $33.00