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Born Weird
Andrew Kaufman

Paperback $17.99 - HarperCollins Publishers
Fiction - Published: 1/Oct/2013 - ISBN: 9780007441419

The Weirds have always been a little peculiar, but not one of them suspected that they′d been cursed by their grandmother.
At the moment of their birth Annie Weird gave each of her five grandchildren a special power that she thought was a blessing. Richard, the oldest, always keeps safe; Abba always has hope; Lucy is never lost and Kent can beat anyone in a fight. As for Angie, she always forgives, instantly. But over the years these blessings have proved to be curses and ruined their lives.
Now Annie is dying and she has one last task for Angie, her favourite grandchild. Angie has to gather her far-flung brothers and sisters and assemble them in her Grandmother′s hospital room so that at the moment of her death, she can lift these blessings turned curses.

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  • Born Weird Paperback $17.99