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Introducing Kierkegaard, Robinson, Dave and Zarate, Oscar
Introducing Kierkegaard
Robinson, Dave and Zarate, Oscar

Paperback $12.99 - ICON BOOKS
Introducing & Beginners Series - Published: 1/Jun/2013 - ISBN: 9781848315150

Brilliantly written and illustrated Graphic Guide to proto-existentialist and Eeyore of philosophy, Danish writer Soren Kierkegaard. Soren Kierkegaard is now regarded as the founder of Existentialism and the first modern theologian. Philosophy, in Kierkegaard's radical view, was of no use unless it permanently changed people's lives. His distrust of grand abstract schemes, particularly Hegel's, and his insistence that philosophy is essentially writing, also identify him as a forerunner of postmodernist concerns.
Introducing Kierkegaard is an account of the strange life and ideas of a being tortured by his attempts to change the priorities of Western thought. Dave Robinson offers a clear path through Kierkegaard's 'anti-philosophy', and Oscar Zarate illustrates a passionate story with skill and humour. Dave Robinson has taught philosophy for many years and is the author of numerous Introducing titles.
Oscar Zarate is one of the UK's leading graphic artists. He has illustrated numerous Introducing titles. His graphic novel A Small Killing won the Will Eisner Prize.

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