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John Berger

Paperback $19.99 - Bloomsbury
Fiction - Published: 1/Oct/2012 - ISBN: 9781408834343

The 40th anniversary edition of this classic Booker Prize-winning novel. G., a child born in uncertain circumstances, grows up to be character veering dangerously between indifference to the outside world and moments of personal intimacy. Known only by the abstract letter G., this deviant and insatiable character ventures into energetic sexual exploits and embarks upon a voyage of oblique maturity. His journey through early nineteenth-century Europe, tainted by various tender and sordid encounters with women, is a fragmentary and poignant portrait of devastating desires amidst a backdrop of historical and political turmoil...G. is a novel of exploration - into the fragility of the self, of precarious sexuality and the delicate divide between the individual and the sweeping currents of the world at large. An eloquent and disturbing search for unity in an ultimately fragmented humanity.

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