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The Raqqa Diaries, Samer
The Raqqa Diaries

Hardback $24.99 - RANDOM HOUSE UK
New Hardbacks - Published: 20/Mar/2017 - ISBN: 9781786330536

Since ISIS occupied Raqqa in eastern Syria, it has become one of the most isolated and fear-ridden cities on earth. The sale of televisions has been banned, wearing trousers the wrong length is a punishable offence, and using a mobile phone is considered an unforgivable crime. No journalists are allowed in and the penalty for speaking yo the western media is death by beheading. Despite this a member of the small activist group, Al-Sharqiya 24 courageously agreed to write a personal diary about his experiences. Having seen friends and relatives butchered, his community's life shattered and the local economy ruined by these hate-fuelled extremists Samer decided to tell his story.

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